Reflection for February 11, 2019

Happy Monday! What a blessing it is to be going to school this morning
and having the privilege to teach a group of fantastic fifth graders.
Before School 7:30 - 8:00:

  • Planning
  • Hang Sugar Act on Timeline

Reading Intervention 8:00 - 8:45:
-No ELL teacher *Please project the Intervention Rotation Schedule. These groups will be temporary for this week.

Paul Bunyan

Worked with students on reading Paul Bunyan, great discussion with small group about Tall Tales. Students summarized chapter with one another and then translated to new student with very little English. I struggle with having limited communication with the new student who only speaks and understands Spanish. I only work with him once a week, but I would like some more ideas of how to better work with him.

Prep Time 8:45 - 9:30:

  • Make Copies for SS
  • Reflect on Reading Group
  • Practice Math

Our guest teacher left to pick up something to do. She did not realize that I would be teaching all day!

Math 9:30 - 10:30:

*We introduced finding volume on Geo-boards a little bit on Friday. They know where the geoboards are and the expectation (no rubber bands on the ground).

Unit 5 Module 2 Session 2
Rectangles with Fractional Side Lengths

Guided Practice(Pg. 176) Fraction Multiplication Grids, (Pg. 177) Simplifying Fractions,

After practice with geoboards and grid paper, students began to understand multiplying fractions to find the area of the space. Some students were unable to properly use the geoboards and geobands, so they were taken away. These are tools not toys. I really like the online app pictured above. We used this to show whole class the problems that were done in pairs or individuals.

Language/Writing 10:45 - 11:15:

  • Conclusion Video
  • Model how to write, conclusion

We were able to complete the conclusion of the paper. I modeled the writing of the conclusion, after watching a short video on what the conclusion does to an informative article.

Social Studies 11:15 - 11:45:

Sugar Act

  • Video
  • Read Handout
  • Activity

The para in the classroom has a few pence from London that she will bring to class tomorrow. Physical artifacts are so cool! I am happy that my students will be able to see them and understand what it is that the King of England was requesting of the colonists. Making something relevant to something that occurred in 1765. Students had a difficult time staying on task today. We watched the video, read the article, and made it part way through the activity.  I noticed many students waiting for me to write the answers on the paper projected on the board..  How do I get them to participate with the discussion?

When I waited for more students to answer, I was told by a student “you are never going to get participation from everyone.” I responded with, “you should try to not use the word never.”

Math Intervention 12:30 - 1:15:

  • Make Valentine’s Bags/Boxes

-They can use any supplies in the art cabinets except glitter or paint (ex. Streamers, stickers, ribbon, yarns, etc.) I usually set things out on the back table and then call a row at a time to pick out their materials, so it’s not too chaotic

Students were creative in making their bags for Valentine treats during the party on Thursday. We listened to the piano guys through YouTube while the decorated their bags and chatted with their neighbors.

Wonders 1:30 -2:30:

Unit 4 Week 1

  • Introduce vocabulary words and spelling 
  • Lesson opener
  • Read through the reader/writer workshop book and introduce skills for the week: Author’s Point of View and Context Clues
  • Istations/Finish reading test

Opened up the unit with a discussion of the essential questions: What kind of stories do we tell? Why do we tell them? Discussed what visualization was and encouraged them to think about the story and  what they see while I read the story today.
Chatty students made the vocabulary lesson so much longer than it needed to be. How do you make new vocabulary engaging to tired students?

After School 3:00 - 3:45:

  • Reflect
  • Prepare for tomorrow

Today was a good day ... Until next time ...

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