Guest Post by Anna Levine: Planning Your Picture Perfect Day

For those of you joining me from the Women on Writing Blog Tour, welcome to Read Write Sparkle Coffee, I am so glad that you are here. To my readers, I am participating in the Women on Writing Blog Tour for Anna Levine's new book, All Eyes on Alexandra.

The following article is a post written by author Anna Levine! This Tuesday, December 11th I shared a review on her new book, All Eyes on Alexandra ndra. Now, she shares a writing about creating a special day based on the story.

Theme days are great fun for kids. Here are a few ideas for planning a day based on All Eyes on Alexandra.
1. Wake up to bird song. Step outside and listen to the world. Take a walk around the block or to the local park. Try and identify as many sounds as you can. Back home listen to and see if you can find the bird you heard.
2. If you have binoculars, take them on your walk and see how many birds you spot. Try and look for identifying marks on the bird. Back home search for more information to find out which bird you spotted.
3. “We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.” Bring along a camera (you’ll need the photos for the next activity). Find birds of different colors, species, poses and backgrounds. Take lots of photos.
4. Make a bird calendar. Discuss the different months of the year and the seasonal changes. Don’t forget to add the important dates like birthdays, holidays and events you’re looking forward to. You can choose 12 different kinds of birds from photos you’ve taken or find them on the internet. Dedicate a month for each bird. Add some fun bird facts and maybe a few silly jokes.
Q: What do you call a very rude bird? A: A mockingbird.
5. Dance! Birds have an innate sense of rhythm. At the end of All Eyes on Alexandra, Alexandra dances with the chicks. Watch this video of the parrot Snowball dancing to Queen’s, Another One Bites the Dust:

6. And at the end of the day, curl up with a book and read. Research shows that reading to kids develops their imagination, relaxes and makes them feel secure and calm.

I hope you enjoyed this post by Anna Levine! If you have not checked out her new picture book, you can read my review here! Until new time .... 

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