6 Picture Books for the Elementary Classroom

While at the public library yesterday, I sat and read six picture books in the Children's Literature section while my daughter played with a friend and carefully selected her books. I had no list of books to grab during my visit, so these books are completely random. I did not bring them home, so I added them to my reading challenge on GoodReads. This made it possible to share some quick thoughts about each of the books with you. Clicking on the pictures will take you to Amazon.com for purchase!

Monday, Wednesday, and Every Other Weekend by Karen Stanton
A relatable picture book for your students who are familiar with the changes that occur during a divorce. In the story, the little boy and his dog are experiencing the good and the bad when it comes to living in two different homes. Having been through a divorce and creating a similar schedule to share custody of my children with their father, I found this book to be very beneficial for those kids who are new to this kind of lifestyle. The book, will let them know they are not alone and will be able to get through this new chapter in their life.

Everybody Gets the Blues by Leslie Staub
This realistic fiction, picture book is for anyone who has ever had the blues. Haven't we all experienced those days that you get mad, sad, or both? This story tells your students that these feelings are normal and they will go away. I like how it gives a name to the feelings that they may be experiencing, provides them with a way to cure the blues, and inspires one to assist a friend or classmate who may be in one of these moods.

I Like You the Best by Carol Thompson
A cute little story of a rabbit and pig who are BFF's. First, it shows a tremendous amount of diversity through two very different animals who like to spend time with one another. They find a lot of things that they like to do together even though they are from different kinds of families. In addition, the storyline produces a character to character conflict which causes the BFF's to have a disagreement. I really like how the author models how they act during the disagreement and what could happen next. An extremely valuable lesson in friendship is learned in this story.


Chalk by Bill Thomson 
Recently, I read The Whisper by Pamela Zagarenski. I think, after having read this book, the reading of Chalk would be perfect! Chalk, has no words. It allows the student to create a story. This may be a good book to model creating stories with pictures as a class or give you an opportunity for several students to create their own. This truly is a choose your own adventure type book as the stories will vary based on the perception of each of the pictures. I went through this book twice: first, seeing the overall view of the pictures; second, to create my story in my mind. I was so glad to have solved my problem that I created!

The Tickle Tree by Chae Strathie
After reading this book, I offered it to my daughter to read. She was intrigued by the title just like I was. The story goes through a bunch of questions, which include nonsense words so the reader is not quite sure how to answer. This creates it a great aloud for children to assist them with their phoneme/ grapheme recognition. As the reader comes to the end of the book, he or she will understand the questions and may be able to come up with some answers of their own.


This Book Is Not About Dragons by Shelley Moore Thomas

The story is told from the narrative of a little mouse who tries to convince the reader that this book is not about dragons. This read aloud will cause a lot of giggling and some suspense as you continue through the pages. Is this book about dragons? If it is not about dragons, then what is it about? You will want to pause and discuss what the students see in each of the pictures and ask them if they think this book is about dragons or not. Will they be correct? Find out as you come to the conclusion of the book!

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I have a large book stack on my nightstand that I am eager to read and share with you! Until next time....

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  1. Bill Thomson is an absolute favourite. We featured quite a few of his picturebooks over the years, including Chalk. Have a great reading week! - Myra (GatheringBooks)


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