Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman

Reading Rainbow's Amazing Grace, written by Mary Hoffman is a wonderfully illustrated picture book for students of all ages. I am always on the lookout for diverse books for my future classroom. Children of all races, color, cultures, gender identities, and disabilities should be able to see themselves in the books that are shared in the classroom.

What I love most about Amazing Grace, is how it portrays the love of reading and adventure through the life of the girl, Grace. In addition, it shows the important lesson that ALL students can do ALL things, no matter what gender or color you are.

Grace, is a young girl who spends her time reading stories, telling stories, listening to stories, and sharing stories. I relate to this young girl very well, always making the time for a good story. One day at school, the students are told they will be completing a play, Peter Pan. Grace is ecstatic with the idea to play the character Peter. Unfortunately, her classmates believe this is a bad idea for one reason or another. This causes Grace to become saddened, until she has a powerful conversation and experience with her Nana.

As I read the final pages of the book, I had tears come to my eyes and goosebumps on my arms! I hope that you will too, as you find what happens to Grace when she returns to school and auditions for the role of Peter in the class play, Peter Pan.

Here, the book is shared by Storytime with Miss Yumi:

This empowering book in the classroom, is an awesome opportunity to discuss abilities among all students no matter what color or gender they are. I would open up a discussion after reading this book for students to share times that they did things they were told they couldn't or shouldn't do and how they felt because they did it anyway. If students are comfortable, they could also share about a time they did not take an opportunity because they were told that they did not fit the norm and how they felt about not doing something because they were different.

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I read this book as a part of my #BookaDay Summer Reading Challenge, you can read more about his here. I am looking forward to what I will be reading and sharing tomorrow! Until then ...

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