Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking

I’m not afraid of death, but I’m in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first. - Stephen Hawking 
He outlived doctors life expectancy. He truly had a lifelong bucket list, never knowing what day would be his last. He lived a life one day at a time to its fullest. He gave us so much knowledge: by sharing his thoughts, findings, and beliefs. 

His life is such an inspiration to me. I am nowhere near his abilities in knowledge; however, there is a lot I can do that he was able to complete. Even he had limitations to what he could do. BUT he did what he could with what he had.  

Although most of us are not living with a life threatening disease ... our days are numbered. We also do not know what day will be our last. Do I live each day to its fullest potential? Do I make everyday an opportunity? Do I strive to complete things in my bucket list? 

The summer after Lily was born, I was in the ICU for awhile. Things were not looking good, my numbered days appeared to be ending. A dumbfounded doctor team could not explain why I improved and was able to return home almost in perfect health. Many tears of joy were shared between my husband (Chad Cullip) and I when we were given a second chance at growing old together. I try not to take these moments for granted. 

I’m celebrating my 41st birthday tomorrow and I am happy to be blessed with another year. 

Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking, I am so thankful you shared your life with us. I am glad that you were able to do some of those things you wanted to do first. We are different and better because of it. 

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