Pre-Internship: Tuesday

Spelling Around the World
Students were in a circle around the room. They were practicing their spelling words for the week by spelling a word together; each student saying a different letter. If they are wrong, they sit down. At the end of the word, the student says,"that is how you spell ____." I like playing games in the classroom to learn. Especially when the students do not know that the learning process is occuring. My CT suggests that they spell the word in their head for extra practice. I think it would be good for those who sit down, to get a piece of paper and write out the words for extra practice, especially the one that caused them to return to their seat.

Spelling Handout & a Meltdown
Students were to put the list of words in alphabetical order and then find the six misspelled words in the paragraph. I walked around and assisted students as they needed it. They were mostly in need of sharpened pencils. One student had a meltdown because he only had 8 pencils, he knew that he had 10. He immediately thought that one of his classmates took his pencil as he looked around and saw students with pencils that looked liked his.
This could be avoided with community supplies; however, we have to keep student supplies together. I suggested that he placed his pencils in his pencil box when they were not in use. Having our own individual supplies was a responsibility and if he wanted to keep all 10 of his pencils he needed to keep them in his box. His classmate offered to give him a pencil; however, he declined and said that one was not his. [Later on my CT stated that this student often has meltdowns and we just needed to let him do his own thing, has he will take even longer process of getting back to work if you let him. This is something I have to work on knowing my own students of which one would need to work on his own feelings or those who need to be seeked out as it is not within their character.]

Response to Intervention
Today we are able to build Milo with those in our reading intervention group. We have it set up similarly to how we did it in STEM club on Monday after-school. I find if was beneficial to be able to observe the club complete it, because now I am walking around assisting students completing the task. Today's task was just to build it, tomorrow we will be able to program him to do different things. Some students were unable to finish building him today, we will be able to do so tomorrow. They were excited to be building a lego that will be able to do something in the end. Their conversation in their groups just hummed of excitement!

Math Practice
Students went to Title 1 for math, the rest of the class went on to MobyMax for some individual math practice. My CT and I took a small group (of those students at level 2.1-2.3) and worked on greater than/ less than and adding three single digit numbers. The students were engaged by this small group activity, they were writing on the table with dry erase markers. They thought it was so cool! (I thought the activity was pretty cool too!) My CT allowed each student to process out loud the different steps in figuring out which number was greater than the other. Using the places as the key to finding out the answer.
I really like the activity and the use of writing on the table for easy practice; however it became really messy really fast. I found the following picture to create an easy access on a small group table, allowing students to use a dry erase marker when needed.

In what ways have you engaged students during small group time?

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