Pre-Internship: Monday

AR Testing/ Reading
Students have library today so they had an opportunity to complete this AR test as they try to reach their AR goal of twenty for the quarter. Nine students have already receive this goal already in the class.
I have experience with elementary schools completing AR and those that do not. What I have determined is that we need a consistent reading system in the school that allows plenty of reading and some accountability. We need to ensure we develop the love of reading in our students and we need to ensure that they are comprehending reading. Similar to the rule in writing; we should not be grading everything they read. It is important for students to find their own intrinsic reward to reading.

During prep time today we prepared for Response to Intervention. With an interesting day Ozobots/coding and lego challenge small groups. My CT and I will be doing these two groups by ourselves.
on Friday, we are doing another day of

Response to Intervention
I completed another round of lego challenge with a group of students. We had more time, so some finished building their word before the time ran out. I gave them the opportunity to create another word. As the second word was being built, I noticed a few of them getting tired of completing the challenge and was more interested in the Ozobots across the room.

I attempted to keep things interesting to see if they could create the letters in a different way, it was really hard to compete with the other side of the room. After the first session was finished, my CT gave me the opportunity to work with those same students at the Ozobots table. I have never had the opportunity to use them so I let the students who were familiar with them teach me how to do it. I created a code line based on the instructions and I was able to get the Ozobot to go backwards and spin around. I really tried to get it to do the tornado; however, I was unsuccessful.

I think when I allowed the students to show me how to complete them, it gave them a lot of self-confidence toward our time spent with the Ozobots. Many were trying new things. While, those who were not familiar with the Ozobots attempted to create the coding lines alongside me. Some were very frustrated when it did not work the first time. I encouraged them to continue to try and we discussed the importance of not giving up. Before we had to finish up for the day, two of the students having difficulty finally was able to get the Ozobot to complete a trick, they were so very excited at their accomplishment.

Students went to Title 1 reading group and the rest of the class finished to work on their Minibeasts project that they started earlier today. I worked with three students on the back table with their google slides presentation on Volcanoes, Tsunamis, and Earthquakes. These students have not finished due to being absent, have had a difficult time making slides or staying focus on creating them. I sat in between the latter two students, giving me the opportunity to assist them one-on-one with what they needed.
A student I have worked with one-on-one before got a lot done with me coaching him each step of the way. I know that he can do it by himself, he just has not captured that ability yet as he lacks in self-confidence. But he was pretty impressed with himself as they shut their computers down to go home. He told our CT at all he accomplished during our time.

I was asked by my CT (who is one of the leaders of the club) to observe the students in building Milo with the WeDo Lego Robotics during their afterschool program. The second graders from my 3309 class that is in attendance was excited to have me there. I spent the time observing the students and watching their interactions between each other. They were to work together in small groups to create the robot. A step by step guide on their laptop instructed them with how to build him. The students were told to rotate around the group one step at a time. The students who have done this before, had a difficult time allowing the newbies to have an opportunity. Many were told to allow the students to do their part, even if it took longer. Many of the groups was able to build Milo before it was time to go home. I really enjoyed watching them achieve their goal and watching the teachers lead a group of students outside of the classroom role. There was a different dynamic; however, classroom management was still something to consider. Their one main rule; if you do not participate or cannot follow instructions your parents can be called to come pick you up. This set the stage for the students so they knew that being there was a privilege and they should act accordingly. 

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