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Desk Clean Up

The afternoon began with a cleaning of their desks. My CT helps and instructs them to dump all of the contents from their desk onto the floor in order to get a deep clean of the contents inside.

As I watched the students clean, I began to wonder about how to teach organizational skills so that better management of desks can occur during the week to avoid this disaster. Are tables better with drawers to place their individual supplies? Or maybe chair pockets that can have a folder to place stuff to keep and complete on one side and then stuff to take home on the other? Where would crayons, markers, scissors, and other necessary supplies go? Would they have individual boxes to store them, because most schools will not allow community supplies. Maybe a routine to instruct the students where to place items neatly when we put them away, taking the extra moments to put the items where they belong after it is complete instead of taking many moments every two weeks to do a deep cleaning.

Heads Up - Seven Up

The students did a wonderful job cleaning their desks. We had a few minutes before going to block. My CT called out students names to go to the front of the classroom and then said, "heads up- seven up!" I sprung from my seat and sat down at one of the empty desks, placed my head down on the desk, and stuck my thumb out! I was not going to miss out on this opportunity. I heard giggles from the students as they seen me join into their game. I was selected in each of the three rounds that we played and I missed at guessing the correct student who selected me. I am kind of happy I chose incorrectly, it would have been difficult to select a student. The students kept on giggling at me and smiling throughout the game. It was a fun experience we had together. After a week like this one, it was nice to laugh and play with them.

Prep- Time

My CT made some basic dough with flour, salt, and water in a large bowl. Then divided it into about 17 balls. She handed me one and instructed me to create an imprint with a seashell. We were creating fossils in Response to Intervention (RTI) to wrap up our unit on Dinosaurs. I carefully placed my seashell into the dough and then painted the imprint with watercolor. I think mine turned out very nice. We placed ours underneath the document camera and projected it onto the interactive board, so that the students could see what they were going to complete.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

The students came in for intervention and we showed them what we were going to complete today, they were ecstatic! We took them outside so they could locate one or two items to use as their fossil. They selected: branches, leaves, pinecones, and rocks. We passed out the dough, paper plates, water cups, watercolors, and brushes. The students went straight to work. They talked about their creations as they made them. They talked about why they chose the items outside and what those objects reminded them of what they learned this week. They were very excited about their creations and called out my name to see what they had done at each step. When all of the students were finished, we completed a gallery walk so they could see what their classmates created. We cleaned up the room and completed the activity. The students were going to be able to take theirs home tonight to share with their family. This was a great activity to wrap up their readings and discussions on dinosaurs and the process in which we learn about them today.

Learning looked a little bit different today, what did learning look like in your classroom?

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