What I Wore Last Week: Winter & Dark Colors

Welcome to another round of what I wore last week! It has been awhile since I have done so, but I would like to return to doing this for the next couple of months as I will be consistently dressing up for the classroom for my pre-internship. What do we wear as pre-service teachers assisting and observing in the classroom? Click on the links to find the item online!

Monday: Back to School; Spring 2018 semester began at Idaho State University

Head to Toe: Bow clip from Target, Blanket Scarf from Target,
Tan Cardigan Sweater from a local thrift store, Striped Tee Dress from Target,
Grey Tights from Target, and Knee-High Boots from Deb.

Class Day

Head to Toe: Clip from Target, Harry Potter Necklace from Target,
Black Turtleneck Sweater from local thrift store,
Slacks from local thrift store, and Black shoes from Shopko.

Wednesday: Class and Meet & Greet with my Cooperating Teacher (CT)

Head to Toe: Earrings from Etsy shop MKBejewel,
Nerd Periodic Table Brass Necklace from Etsy shop landofrapture,
Grey Cashmere sweater from Gig Harbor Goodwill,
Black Pants with Grey Pinstripe from local thrift store,
and black shoes from Shopko

Thursday: Class, Wearing Black for Deyshia Hargrave

Head to Toe: Peek-a-boo Earrings from Just Jewelry,
Women's Floral Fashion Scarf from Target,
Women's Fleece Swing Dress from Target,
Grey Tights from Target, and Black shoes from Shopko.

Friday: Placement Day 1: Observation

Head to Toe: Cream Flower Clip from Target, Polka Dot Grey Scarf from Target Dollar Spot,
Cream Sweater from Target, Grey L/S shirt with Cream Stripes from local thrift store,
Black Pants from local thrift store, and black shoes from Shopko

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Winter & Dark Colors version of What I Wore Last Week. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think! Until next time..
pleated poppy

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