Second grade field trip to the Herrett Center

     Everyday, I get the opportunity to come to my students school to learn. Today, they came to my school to learn!

     The field trip with the second graders was a success, pictured are the stars of the second show we watched this morning. The first show at the planetarium where we saw a short film about our solar system. Then we learned about reptiles! Snakes, lizards and bearded dragons... Oh My! 

     I spent my time learning alongside the second graders and keeping them focused through proximity; it is amazing what can be done with just walking over and sitting next to a group of chatty students. Field trips are stressful and require a lot of organization; however, in the end they are worth the extra time and energy spent in preparation. We could have read books, watched a video, or discussed these topics in the classroom, yet we would not have ended with the same outcome. What an incredible experience this was!

     The Herrett Center for Arts and Science is a non-profit museum on the main campus of the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Its purpose is primarily educational, offering programs to elementary and secondary school students, CSI students, and the adult community of south-central Idaho.  The Center collects, preserves, interprets, and exhibits anthropological artifacts and natural history specimens with an emphasis on the prehistoric American continents.

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