Pre-Internship Placement Reflection: Time goes by fast when you are having fun!

Its Monday, here we go again!
After lunch recess, the students worked individually on a math handout; while, my CT worked with a small group of students struggling with the math concepts. I was instructed to walk around and assist those in need. Most of them had the first problem competed, so I used their strategy that they chose to complete number 1 to assist them with number 2. As I was assisting students, the same question came up over and over again. I did not think about it until after the math time was over, but I should have asked everyone to look up at the board and I could have assisted everyone with their issue at the same time. This would have been a more effective use of classroom time. This is something that we have recently discussed in our Instructional Design, Delivery & Assessment class; however, this is the first time I had an experience that would have benefited from this strategy. The classroom experience moves very quickly, I believe this is why the reflection process is so very important.

The students headed to block and my CT and I discussed a student who is having difficulty focusing on his class work. My CT is starting a process that she will be able to complete over the next 6 weeks. With each assignment that the student completes she will be filling out a behavior form to list the difficulties that she is having with him. The form has her list the objective of the assignment and then the behavior based on the objective. Each time he needs to be prompted you place a P on the chart. Then, if he positively responds to the prompt a + sign is listed or if he negatively responds to the prompt a - sign is listed. My CT is then attaching the handout or the activity to the behavior form for evidence as she creates her case for this student. He is in need of assistance or he will fall further behind.

During recess, my CT and I discussed mini lesson options that I will need to complete next week. Since I will be with them everyday this week, I am going to have a few practice opportunities before they will be observed. For this class assignment, I am required to complete 4 mini-lessons that are created by my CT. Something that is a regular classroom activity that can be done within 10-15 minutes. Each of these are peer-reviewed and recorded or observed by my professor. I am excited, yet a little nervous to begin these lessons; however, I am aware at how much I will benefit from the practice and the feedback I receive.

After recess, the students are continuing their Cats vs Dog Opinion piece that they began on Friday. They had a short lesson on topic sentences and structuring a paragraph. Since they had all of the information on their graphic organizer, they were able to create complete sentences and construct their rough draft. My CT used the document camera to write out her paragraph during her lesson, modeling the concept to the students. I found this very beneficial for the students to see what their teacher was expecting of them and how it can be done. I had the opportunity to walk around the class and assist students with processing their sentences, organization, and spelling difficult words. This gave my CT the opportunity to work one on one with students as they completed their rough draft and preparing for their final draft they will work on tomorrow afternoon.

The remainder of the day (about 20 minutes) the students were able to work on facts and spelling on their Chromebooks through a program entitled Moby Max. This allowed a few students to catch up on some incomplete or missing assignments. It is the end of a Unit, my CT is making sure all students are caught up and on the same page before they move on to the next. This also gives her a chance to catch up with assessments and grading.

2:50 p.m. came very quickly today, those three hours went so fast. Excited to be going in again tomorrow! Until then....

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