Pre-Internship Placement Observation Reflection

Today, I spent another day observing in the second grade classroom for my pre-internship placement. The following are the activities that I observed along with my reflection.

Students came in from recess and went straight to work. Sheppard Software, Fruit Splat a fun kids math site in which the students participated as a class on the interactive whiteboard. The teacher called out a student’s name, randomly selected by name sticks. The student is to get next in line at the front of the classroom, when given the interactive board “pen” they are to select the correct answer to the math problem. Students are to practice the math facts quietly to themselves while waiting for their turn. I really liked the explanation given by my CT to the students when working with hundreds; for example, 300+100 = "what is 3+1?" "how many hundreds are there?"

My CT read from the book, The City of Ember before heading to block. I really like how she uses extra minutes to read to the students. Before picking up where she left off, she asked for students to discuss what was happening in the story. A great way to assess the class in comprehension skills and holding them accountable to listening to the story.

While students were at block today, My CT prepared for her afternoon writing activity from the Wonders curriculum. This program provides teachers with the additional materials to use to assist students toward understanding new concepts. Today the writing focus is short & long. She also took a moment to organize her work space; I began thinking about how I will handle the multitude of papers that I will have to handle everyday in my future classroom.

After recess it was time for Response to Intervention (RTI). Students read a story entitled Animals in North America, from a book my CT found at the dollar spot at Target. She often finds reading material outside of the curriculum to meet different interests of students at a variety of reading levels. She had some students placed at desks in the classroom, while others sat at the back of the room with her at a kidney table. Students at the desks completed the reading and questions by themselves; whereas the students at the small group completed choral reading and reading out loud different sections while answering the questions as a group. I noticed that when the students were reading out loud by themselves she encouraged the other students to read silently (while moving their lips) to the words to practice. These students were placed in small group as they have a difficult time with their comprehension skills.

All class, partner writing activity (from prep time). The partners were selected carefully by the CT. The students were instructed to plan a rhyming song to write together; four short lines. The CT added a warning, "no blood, no guts, and keep it clean." My CT worked at her desk at first, providing them with time to work on the rhyme on their own. Then she walked around observing the students in their groups. She had them identify the rhyming words they were going to use and directed those toward words who needed assistance. While I listened to the students create their songs, I took the opportunity to write one on my own:
Look at me all official with my
ISU-COE name-badge!
When I grow up, I want to teach. So every summer, I can visit the beach. I have a passion, for all students to read. So everyone has the ability to learn what they need.
The CT gave them a 40 second warning, that their activity was to end. I really like her time management skills in keeping students focus. (I added a note to discuss with her what she does with students who are finished early.) When time was up she instructed each group to share their songs with the class. They were very creative! Then she placed on the board a bare bones rhyme that she created and asked them to help her make it more interesting to read. They have been working on adjectives during reading time so she remind them that adjectives are words that describe nouns. They came up with adjectives as a class to create a better rhyme.

The day was coming to an end, it was time to clean up and pick up the trash around the room. To call attention to her directions the CT used a call and response, " Give me antlers to know that you are paying attention." This works quite well as it gets students to stop what their doing and place their hands on their head, forcing them to put everything down and pay attention. The boys picked up their stuff at the mailbox and then the girls. Tonight, they are bringing home my introduction letter to their parents. A chance for them to know about the pre-service teacher in their child's classroom. I will be sharing this with you all in the next couple of days.


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