Pre-Internship Meet and Greet Reflection

Charlotte Danielson Framework Domain 4a: Reflecting on Teaching; accuracy and use in future teaching. The following was an assigned reflection for my meet and greet with my cooperating teacher for pre-internship:
Write a reflection on your initial meeting with your Cooperating Teacher. Indicate who it is, the grade level, subject area if secondary, and which school. Reflect upon how the meeting went, anything exciting or concerning, and your overall thoughts/feelings about the teacher, the placement, and the initial meeting.

Today, I had my meet and greet at Morningside Elementary School with second grade teacher, Janel Myers. I arrived early, checked in with the secretary and waited in the hall for our appointment time as the students were still in class. When it was time for Ms. Myers to walk her students to block, she noticed me standing there in the hallway and asked if I was Jeanie. She introduced herself to me and then asked how I pronounce my last name. After the students finished lining up to leave the classroom, Miss Myers introduced me to her 2nd grade class and informed them they will being seeing a lot of me these couple of months. I recognized a few students of when I have assisted in other classrooms, two of them were in Beccy Anderson’s Kindergarten class when I completed lessons for my Health methods course at College of Southern Idaho. I walked with the class to the library and on the way back Miss Myers and I began talking right away. I was only there for thirty minutes; however, we learned a lot about one another; IEA membership and roles, classroom likes and dislikes, planning styles, and more. While we were talking I met one of the other teachers on the 2nd grade team; they were discussing their plans to create a bulletin board for the 2nd grade section hallway. Full of information and plans for a full semester, we ended our meeting. I look forward to observing her and her class on Friday afternoon. From what I have experienced so far, I believe this to be a very good match and that she will have a lot to offer me in preparation for my role as a teacher.


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