Just another day in second grade (pre-internship placement)

This afternoon, we began a lesson on fractions with donuts! We started with one box of donuts which was the whole and each individual donut was a piece of that box which was 1/12. Then my CT cut all the donuts in half which changed the whole to 24 pieces which made a part 1/24. She then discussed the difference between the whole and the parts and how the number gets larger while the pieces get smaller. The children drew on their individual white boards of what the next piece of a donut would be if she cut them again and what the fraction would be. Then they cleared off their boards and we ate the fractions! 1/24th a piece to be mathematically correct.

The students went to block and my CT and I discussed math in the classroom and how it affects their critical thinking skills. This conversation turned into a plethora of topics from our elementary school years, computers, technology, hashtags, and more. It was nice to breathe a bit and get to know each other better. While we chatted she prepared the classroom for Chromebooks by getting out the headphones and mice (mouses), this way the students only need to get out their Chromebook when they returned from recess.

After recess, the students retrieved their Chromebooks and were introduced to Google Slides. While my CT instructed them by modeling their actions on a Chromebook being projected onto the interactive board, I chose to walk around and assist with all the students raising their hands and having difficulty (also making sure they were staying on task). Some of the students made some mistakes and began to freak out, so I suggested that the next thing that was shown to them is the undo button. After my CT shared this important feature things went a little more smoothly. My CT was very appreciative of me taking ownership of the opportunity and assisting the students when I saw it necessary. I was happy to assist and see how the students have opened up to receive my help.

The students placed their Chromebook, mouse, and headphones away and prepared for their time with the school counselor. Today, he discussed Choices; what choices do we make? He began small with making a choice between chocolate or vanilla ice cream, cats or dogs, and what to do in their free time. Once the students were on board in making good decisions and having the power to make choices; the counselor began discussing important decisions in life. Making the choices to follow the rules, wear a seatbelt, walk on the sidewalk, not to smoke cigarettes, not to drink alcohol, and not to take drugs. This was a great conversation between the students and the counselor; again he differentiated the ideas to those that a second grader could understand for example talking about addiction by describing it as a craving that hurts.

When my CT returned it was time to finish the day and have a quick conversation about our field trip tomorrow! I am really excited that I get to come along and experience the Herrett Center with them (even though it means I have to spend some time with the reptiles).

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