Teaching English Methods Reflective Journal Entry #4

At the beginning of Chapter 5, Burke shares his reading autobiography. Be sure to include how your thoughts about reading have developed throughout your life, notable teachers, and instructional methods; as well as particularly influential texts.
    Reading has always been a part of my everyday life. As a small child, I recall playing with books and pretending to read my Dad’s Reader's Digest. We often attended the library where I brought 20-30 books home with me. I read them several times before they were returned. When I started Kindergarten, I was reading at a second grade level.
    As I grew older, reading became an escape from the ordinary; as well as an excuse not to do my chores on the blueberry farm. I enjoyed teachers who allowed us time to read our own books  during school and took the time to read to us. I loved being read to. My Dad would would often read to me from his favorite stories; he had a lot of books that he re-read for entertainment. The storyteller at the library is someone I often visited. When I was in junior high, I assisted her with the younger kids reading and as I entered high school I began my own storytelling time for those in Kindergarten through third grade. I also continued to read my own novels, thirty minutes before bed. I still attempt to do so (if I am not completely wiped out from my day). It is a habit for me just as washing my face and brushing my teeth.
    I have children now and I read to them. I started reading to them when they were utero. My oldest is seventeen, he still likes to hear me read to my daughter, he still does some of the voices and makes underwater noises in the part of Green Eggs & Ham (a book I read multiple time to him throughout the years).

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