Teaching English Methods Reflective Journal Entry #2

Consider your relationships with some of your middle and high school teachers. In what ways were you similar with your teachers? In what ways were you different?
     In middle school, I found myself to be more similar to my teachers than different. A large percentage of my teachers were white females; however, I did have a few male teachers, a hispanic teacher, and a black teacher.
     In high school, I found it to be more similar as they were ALL white; however, I had more male teachers. I do not remember a lot of diversity in color in my high school.
     In addition to differences and similarities in race and sex. There was a larger difference within the socio-economical factors between my family and those of my teachers. Most of my teachers were middle to upper class; while I lived in lower class in a farming family stricken with poverty.

Teaching English Methods Reflective Journal Entry #1

What are two or three of the most important skills you can teach a student in an English classroom? Why are they the most important? How might you impart these skill to your class?

     I believe, the most important skills I can teach a student in an English classroom are: communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. These three skills are important for the workplace, further education in public school, higher education in college; as well as life in general.
     These skills could be taught through giving students relevant, daily opportunities to practice. Through activities such as literature and text master circles; students would be allowed to find their voice, learn material in collaboration with other students, and analyze their own readings as well as others to enhance their critical thinking skills. In addition, communication skills will be increased through these in written form in preparation and orally when participating in the activity.