It's a Total (97%) Eclipse of the Sun

It is the day before Fall semester begins and I have an assignment already. My Science Methods instructor would like a discussion board entry describing our American Eclipse 2017 experience.

With both Half-a-Cup and Venti Espresso at school, viewing and studying the eclipse and my Coffee-mate assisting a first aid booth in Sun Valley, Idaho; I am at home, sitting outside with syllabus, calendar, and coffee in hand preparing for the semester. Taking a moment now and again to take a look (with my safety glasses of course) at the progress of the eclipses progress.

     10:12 a.m. I had my first visual of the moon beginning it's journey across the sun.                              Pretty cool stuff!

Image: NASA

     10:41 a.m. A tad more of the sun is covered by the moon.

     11:09 a.m. The sun reminds me of Cheshire Cat's smile on Alice in Wonderland.

Image: Alice in Wonderland
     11:19 a.m. It is quiet, less birds are chirping. I feel a little chilly too. Half of the sun
                      has been covered by the moon.

     11:25 a.m. A sliver of the sun remains.

Image: Personal 
     11:25 a.m. A sliver of the sun remains.

     11:35 a.m. No chirping, 97% is covered. This is incredible!

     11:39 a.m. As the moon continues it's journey, the sun begins to show itself more and                         more.

This was an excellent opportunity to view the eclipse. I wish I was able to see totality in person; however, I did manage to view this occurring Live on NASA. Where were you during the eclipse? Do you have any photos or stories you would like to share? Please post in the comments below.

Until next time.....

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