Why do I want to teach literature?

This semester, two of the books I am reading for my Teaching English Methods class are: The English Teacher's Companion by Jim Burke and Teaching Literature to Adolescents by Richard Beach. My professor asked us to read the first chapter of both of these books to prepare for a lecture, entitled, What & Why We Teach. This question was asked of me in the beginning of my readings and then it was asked of me several times? Why teach English? Why teach literature? Why teach writing?

I have always had an answer, for why I want to be a teacher, but I have never considered the why behind teaching English and literature. I mean, I know that I want to to teach English, as I have a passion for reading and writing. But why?

Through my readings today and inspiration from both Burke and Beach, I have come to my first of many answers to this question.

Literature is a story, a never-ending story that moves through time, the ages, changes, love, war, hate, indifferences, and more.

Literature are the ideas to be considered and pondered until personal understanding is gained.

Literature is taking the never-ending story and applying its relevance to our own story and applying it to our very own story. As Jago states, "to making a living, making a life, and making a difference."

Literature is finding answers and seeking the truth and purpose. Adding to the story with our own opinions.

Literature is taking your time to enjoy the story and a willingness to continue the story. Passing it on to others so they too will know, see, and understand. In hopes that the never-ending story goes on...

Why do I want to teach literature? 

Teachers of Literature, English teachers are the force that drives the ideal that this never ending story will go on forever.

Why do you teach? Why do you teach literature? Please share in the comments below!

Until next time..