Twin Falls City Park Scavenger Hunt

Last Saturday, Coffee-mate and I took Half-a-Cup on a scavenger hunt presented by Twin Falls Public Library. I was quite impressed with all that I learned about the park that we often visit and drive by. We walked around City Park to find the answers to the questions that were given to us.

The color of the lampposts in the park are green.

The Vietnam Memorial is a triangle shape.

The Twin Falls City Band's first performance was July 4, 1906.

Four donors helped to fund the flagpole monument.

The only first name listed twice on the back of the Disabled American Veterans Monument is William.

Twentieth Century Club funded the 1915 creation of the arched water fountain located near the bandshell. 

When you see the following tree plaque, you will see the Twin Falls Public Library when you look up ahead of you.

The Twin Falls Millennium Sculpture includes a farming plow.

There are four swings located in the playground area.

The "Band Man's" last name was, Fuller.

There are five lamposts with flowers that line City Park along Shoshone Street.

There are 12 rounded Library windows on the Hansen Street side of the building.

The benches at the band shell are yellow/gold.

The Centennial Waterfall Project has a time capsule scheduled to be opened on July 3, 2090. (I had no idea we had a time capsule, does anyone know what is in it?)

The sign pictured below sits at the corner of 4th Ave & Shoshone.

Covnty (County) is spelled in an unusual way on the Courthouse. (Do you know why this is?)

Our selfie in front of the stone "Idaho"

That was such an incredible afternoon! What type of free, summertime entertainment do you do in your community? Please share in the comments!

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