10 Reasons Why I Drink Coffee

Coffee, the proud sponsor of a college student. Why do I drink it?   

  1. 1. I love the aroma that fills my home each and every morning
  2. 2. I enjoy the soothing and warming taste that it has on my palate
  3. 3. I am satisfied with the way it arouses my inner being
  4. 4. It has an incredible ability to join others together whether familiar or stranger
  5. 5. The connoisseur has the control to create a savory-able masterpiece depending on one's mood
  6. 6. In days that are full and I do not have a chance to sit down it becomes a moment of relaxation in a cup
  7. 7. Sitting at my desk it keeps me refreshed and grounded in the task that I have before me
  8. 8. Each and every sip engulfs my soul full of happiness
  9. 9. This beverage may be consumed at any time of day without negative reputation, unlike other beverages
  10. 10. No one is ever concerned with ones addiction to coffee

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