Visiting Seabrook: The Nantucket of the West

English 293 Magazine Writing

Place Profile Essay: South Sound Magazine
College of Southern Idaho
 Quaint little community, alluring tourist trap, refined urban town, beachcombers’ paradise – Seabrook, Washington has numerous faces. Respectively appealing to a variety of both temporary and permanent guests. Families, seeking enjoyable activities designed for all ages find opportunities to: ride bicycles, build sand castles, fly kites, and roast marshmallows. Couples, looking for a romantic rendezvous discover: serene sunsets on the beach, moments of solitude along the many walking trails, snuggles by the fire, and exquisite dinners. Friends, searching for a weekend getaway come across a multitude of possibilities for creating, shopping, and exploring. Individuals, pursuing a personal retreat encounter the ability to escape the busyness of everyday life and indulge in total relaxation of the mind, body, and spirit.

Originated in 2005, Seabrook is the newest, budding beach town, celebrating nature and community, on the Washington coast. Seabrook began as a childhood dream for founders and residents Casey and Laura Roloff, who both grew up playing on the beaches of the Pacific Northwest. The founders and their team, inspired by these dreams, believe the finest towns are purposefully designed, not formed by chance. The philosophy which is known as “new urbanism”; this scheme is guided by three ideals: our personal instinctive need of being a part of something, an ease of access to basic goods and services, as well as, the concept of sustainability.


Perched upon an ocean bluff, Seabrook is a pedestrian paradise, you will need to use your car to drive here; however, once you have arrived everything is within walking distance. A five-minute walk connects all residents to all the common areas: amphitheater, market, parks, restaurants, outdoor games, playgrounds, Town Hall, fire pits, boutique shops, heated indoor pool, and the beach. These walkways around Seabrook are exquisitely unique, made with a variety of eco-friendly materials; boardwalks, gravel, reclaimed crushed oyster shell, and shredded cedar mulch. Each pathway leading you to these beautiful common gathering areas that Seabrook’s website says, “are where community is strengthened and memories are made and shared.”

  How To Get There Coming from the South Puget Sound area, you will want to drive south on I-5 toward Olympia to begin your coastal escapade. From the state’s capital, you will head west on US 101 N at exit 104. This short six-mile drive will allow you to merge onto US-8 toward Aberdeen and Montesano, continue on the highway for 20 miles until you reach US-12 W which will take you to the city of Aberdeen. Once in Aberdeen, you will want to stop and pick up any necessities as this is the last major city before you enter the plethora of ocean towns along the coast. There are plenty of gas stations, boutiques, and small markets to pick up your favorite beachy trash & trinkets; however, forgotten items such as toothpaste, sand castle building supplies, sunglasses, flip flops, and the like are about to triple in price. When ready to proceed, follow the signs to WA-109 NW. Leaving Hoquiam, you will see a body of water to your left. Do not be confused as the road will lead you up and away from the body of water into a forested area, you are still on the correct highway, proceed through the ups, downs, and sharp turns. Continue WA -109 N for 25 miles, passing Ocean City, Copalis Beach, Iron Springs, and Ocean Grove. Seabrook will be on your right-hand side, you can enter through the beautifully landscaped entrance which is Front Street. If you have reservations, you can find the Cottage & Bike Rentals on your right; however, day trippers are also welcome.


Where to Stay The home-owners of Seabrook are both permanent and temporary. Half of the residents call this town home year-round, while others have a vacation home and rental property. Cottages available to rent have redefined vacation for those on the Washington Coast. They all look as they have been gathered up and hand delivered from Martha’s Vineyard. Each home is individually named, similar to the boats found on the harbor; Catch a Wave, Worry Free Days, The Little Pearl, Coral Belle Cottage, Captain Morgan’s to highlight a few. They are also individually decorated in an ocean, beach theme that is both relaxing and pleasing to the eye. When visiting, you are entering someone’s home. You treat it with respect and you clean up after yourself. A few notifications are placed around the rooms of how they would like things to be completed; such as, no shoes in this area and hang wet items here. They also provide directions to use their trendy technological gadgets and their favorite family board games they have for you to enjoy during your stay. In return, I have received in the mail: thank you cards, Christmas cards with pictures of the cottage, and yearly picture calendars from the home-owners of the cottages I have stayed in. They are genuinely appreciative of your stay and encourage you to revisit their home or another’s.
     Over 170 gorgeous homes available, both in town cottages and luxury oceanfront rentals: quaint and cozy cottages, ideal for individuals, a couple, or a small family, sleeping one to six guests; enjoy a little bit more breathing room or share a rental home with friends, sleeping seven to ten guests; large but comfy homes are ideal for multiple families or a large group, sleeping eleven to seventeen guests; and big homes for the biggest groups are hard to find, at Seabrook they are a staple sleeping eighteen or more. Cottage rentals are available at $116 a night to $741 a night, some rental owners have weekly rates available. All cottages are equipped with everything you need to enjoy your stay; bedding, linens, towels, dishes, cookware, and more. Their on-site team provides full service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  What to Eat Frontager's Pizza Co. Classic brick- oven pizza and tasty Italian cuisine using local ingredients from the Olympic Peninsula. Great dining for two or the entire group/family. Call ahead for reservations, as this place is packed from open to close. They serve an amazing breakfast too. Mill 109 Restaurant. When it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks this restaurant and pub is where it is at. Serving all in a family friendly atmosphere. Beer Garden is open during warmer weather season. Dinner entrees range from $12 to $26. Sweet Life. Homemade ice-cream and delicious treats. If you are like me, you cannot go home without getting your salt-water taffy when you visit the beach and this is the place to do it. Red Velvet Bakery … by the Sea. Delicious coffee and even better treats! You can even pick up a boxed lunch that you can take to the beach. Everything is made fresh, daily. Front Street Market. Offering a fine selection of produce, dairy, beer and wine, deli meats, snacks and frozen food, as well as personal care necessities.

  What to Do Bucks Bikes. If walking is not your favorite choice of transportation in town, you can rent a cruiser bike during your stay. Rentals of wet gear, bike trailers, fat tire bikes, and body boards are also available. Reservations can be made online prior to your stay or made at the shop in town. I recommend reservations during spring and summer to save time and ensure availability. All moderately priced for hourly, daily, and weekly prices. Bucks, also has a full repair shop to fix any issues you may have with your rental or the bike you brought along. Crescent Indoor Swimming Pool. One of the only heated indoor pools available on the Washington coast, where people can enjoy swimming all year round. This fine amenity is free of charge during your stay at one of the cottage rentals. A quiet, adult lap swim is held for two hours every morning from 7am-9am, then it is open to all ages until 11pm. The pool area also includes a spa jacuzzi and a terrace for those interested in a little relaxation. Spa Elizabeth. Pamper yourself to: a nice hand, foot, neck, or, full body massage; a hand or foot treatment, and facial. Appointments are mandatory and reservations are recommended at least two-weeks in advance to ensure service. Price ranges vary on service. Rusty Anchor Fitness. Your stay in any of the rental cottages includes complimentary access to the gym, so that you can stay on your exercise regime away from home or make the time to begin one. Imagine That! Paint your own pottery studio. All pottery completed before 5pm is fired up and ready for you the next day at noon for pick up. Choose from a variety of ceramic shapes, plates and other objects to create your own custom painted Event Calendar. Stay up to date and see what is planned while you are in town. Saturday markets, Sunset Concert Series, Doggie Days, Volleyball Tournaments, Festivals, Movie Nights, Parades, and more.

  Where to Shop The Stowaway. Local and from around the world delectable cheeses and fine wine. Sip at the bar, take it home, or have it delivered to your cottage. Fresh bread baked daily. SeaWorthy Home. A place to find your favorite coastal living lifestyle decorating needs and wants. Seabrook Logowear Shop. Grab a souvenir to remember your time at Seabrook; sweatshirts, t-shirts, coffee mugs, sea shells, and more. Call 360-276­-0265 Crafty Christine. Unique jewelry and accessories. Housed inside an Air-stream trailer on Front Street. The Salty Dog. A one-stop dog shop for dogs and their humans. From toys, food, beds, cute little sweaters and rain-gear, and self- serve dog washes they definitely have your special one in mind. They have dog lover gifts and books too.

Anne Frank WebQuest

My Integrating Technology class created WebQuests to place on our future classroom Weebly. I just love the idea of WebQuests to give students an inquiry based learning structure. As a future middle school ELA teacher, I wanted mine to include both reading and writing elements. Since we needed to include a Virtual Field Trip within our WebQuest, I chose to complete a WebQuest on Anne Frank.

Students will learn about Anne Frank and her family through her published diary; as well as, a number of online resources to gain a full understanding of this historical event. This insight will give them the opportunity to write a magazine article encompassing all that they have learned.

Have you created a WebQuest? Please share in the comments below..
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