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It is the day before Spring Semester 2017 to begin, so I am getting caught up on laundry, completing some cleaning tasks, and preparing things for my classes. I thought I would take a break and share with you what I bring to class everyday, it makes things so much easier when you have everything with you.

  • A. Backpack - I found this Jansport cutie at Target yesterday on clearance ($19.98). I love how the bottom is black keeping it from getting extremely dirty from the classroom floors. This backpack has the ability to hold a full-size laptop up to 15 inches in a padded section and has two separate sections for books/ binders as well as an organized outside pocket. What an exceptional deal!
  • B. iPad & On the Go Charger - My iPad this semester holds most of my textbooks, my One Note App for note-taking, and my class planner. The on the go charger is a must, as I am using my iPad ALL the time!
  • C. Kate Spade Bag & Essentials - I found the Kate Spade mini bag at Barnes & Noble last semester and absolutely love how slender it is to slip in any bag I am using. It was $30 but the quality is absolutely amazing, not a simple tear or rip. I tend to have to replace my bags frequently due to too much wear and tear. Inside I keep the personal must haves (feminine products, Tylenol, chap-stick, lotion & Kleenex). Most days I carry my purse with me, but it is nice to have extras of such items.
  • D. Fun Reading Material - Extra time in between classes or library study breaks require something different. At the moment, have my Just Jewelry Catalog and NCTE Voices magazine.
  • E. White Out, Stapler & Glue Stick
  • F. Pencils, Pens, Erasers & Pencil Sharpener
  • G. Post It Notes, Hole Fixers, Page Markers, Hole Puncher, Ring & Index Cards - I love the post it note container that appears as a compact, it also has a mirror. It keeps my post it notes from getting all bent up inside my bag.
  • H. Granola Bars, Instant Coffee & Gum
  • I. Planner, Notebook & Binder - I discuss there usage in this post, check it out! 

So there you have it! What do you find is essential to have for your classes? Please let me know in the comments!

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