Just Jewelry + JJ Boutique

     Earlier this year I put some money away to invest in me. Last night I placed that money into something fun! For those who know me I am one who is incredibly fond of gorgeous sparkly things, items that make me feel like a girl, and clothes!!!!   Just Jewelry & JJ Boutique are all of those mentioned above and more! It is a Christian based company that thrives on making the lives of women better. They also take the opportunity on their platform to make things better for those less unfortunate, supporting different causes by raising funds and awareness.

What is absolutely incredible is that all of the items in the current catalog are less than $40. That makes a college student budget (and future teacher budget) extremely happy! SO ... I spent $99 on me to become a consultant and in return I receive basic business items necessary; as well as $100 merchandise credit and 30% off all items! Once I have sold $300 in jewelry and boutique items ($200 after you use your credit, which I have done already) I will receive 50% off of all jewelry items and 30% off of boutique items! (WOW) At that time I will also receive a free email address and website of my own. I only need to have $300 each year to maintain eligibility (seriously, I can do that on my own).
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