Reasons for Choosing Education as a Career

“I am going to be a teacher when I grow up,” is the answer I have given when asked what my all-time career choice was. As a young child, even before I entered school, I created a classroom of my own in my bedroom. A large blackboard hung on the wall, an old school house desk stacked with several used teacher edition textbooks, my bed lined up in rows with dolls and stuffed animals using my pillows as their desks, with clipboard and chalk in hand I taught them the alphabet, how to count, and much more. Many hours each day I: created class work on used notebooks and index cards to pass out to my students, drew on the blackboard, and corrected the students’ work.

I never wanted to be anything else, I have dreamed about being a teacher for as long as I can remember. In junior high, I completed a career placement test to help me direct my education path, high scores across the board pointed me towards the teacher profession. I knew this already, but this required placement test just confirmed what had always been in my heart.

Many years later, the desire to become a teacher still burns within my soul. I have a passion to come alongside individuals and help them succeed in their life just as teachers in my life have done in the past. After having spent the last sixteen years raising my children at home, I decided to turn my dreams and my passions into a reality. What an extraordinary opportunity it will be to walk into my classroom and instill knowledge, hope, peace, joy, and love into my student’s lives every single day. 

In our EDUC 290 course, we are re-examining our portfolio entries and preparing them for submission to the Education Department as well as to our transfer university. The Autobiographical Essay is quite long, so I am sharing them with you, in the following parts:

Service and/or Extracurricular Activities


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