My Work History

11695807_446793545509010_4683648759071919114_nThe day I turned sixteen, I signed my Social Security Card and went down to the Department of Licensing to obtain my identification card so that I was able to open up my first checking account. This was followed by a visit to my church where I placed my application for employment, I had prepared several weeks before. That very day I was hired on at the church to work part-time in the nursery as a child care worker with children ages zero to twelve, during regular scheduled church programs.

During college, I became employed as a sales associate at a mall retail establishment. Here, I gained skills and performed well enough to move up the career ladder, first to a team lead then later to an assistant manager. After college, I took a course to receive my nursing assistant license, which enabled me a job at an assisted living and rehabilitation center. After being injured on the job by an unfortunate incident, I decided to return to customer service through another adventure with a local cell phone company. It was there I gained the skills necessary to land an incredible position with a non-profit organization in the donor service center, where I handled fundraising in the church department. A few years later, the opportunity of a lifetime was gifted to me to stay at home and raise my children. During this time, I began to write for an online publication about the ups and downs, ins and outs of motherhood.

interview  My assortment of roles in the workplace first and foremost provided for me and my family the financial assistance necessary to live, yet at the same time provided me practice of the essential skills necessary to becoming an effective teacher. Hard-work, dedication, how to treat people, negotiation, organization, and communication are a few of the lessons I have been given through the positions I have held outside of the classroom that will enable me to prepare the lessons for my students inside the classroom.

 In our EDUC 290 course, we are re-examining our portfolio entries and preparing them for submission to the Education Department as well as to our transfer university. The Autobiographical Essay is quite long, so I am sharing them with you, in the following parts:

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