My Volunteer Service and Extracurricular Activities

Throughout my life I have been involved in many different volunteer activities and they have always involved working with children. When I was in junior high, I began volunteering in my community’s public library with the Children’s Librarian, after a few months I began to assist her with the preschool children’s story time. The following summer, I began my own weekly story time at the library, with children age’s five to seven. I planned a themed lesson plan each week that consisted of: reading them a story, playing a game, and completing a craft. I also spent my time volunteering in the children’s bus ministry at my church. Each Saturday morning; the Children’s Ministry Leader, other volunteers and myself, would take our church bus into the nearby inner city. Here, children were picked up to bring them to church for breakfast, songs, activities, a biblical lesson, games, and crafts. I spent most of my time playing with the children and getting them to participate with one another in their groups.

In high school, I was required to complete a project in the community and chose to work with a Kindergarten class in the Elementary school I attended. I went in twice a week as a teacher’s assistant doing projects that the teacher had me complete, one of them included me putting together a part of their classroom graduation event. My senior year we were required to complete another project and I chose to work with the sixth graders at a local Elementary school in creating a classroom newspaper. 

As an adult, I have assisted in my own children’s classrooms whenever possible. Over the last twelve years, I have had numerous opportunities in completing activities as needed for their teacher inside and outside of the classroom. In 2014, I held the role of head room mother of my child’s Kindergarten class while participating in the EDUC 202 course at College of Southern Idaho, carrying out classroom projects and assisting the teacher as needed. After completing my time in the classroom required for the Field Experience course, I remained in the classroom volunteering as a reading group leader once a week.

 Through each volunteering activity, whether the opportunity was big or small, they have given me insight into the classroom and the teaching profession. The one on one’s and group involvement with the children, has given me the ability to increase my skills of listening, patience, supervising, creativity, multi-tasking, and engagement which I believe will be extremely beneficial to my role as a teacher.

In our EDUC 290 course, we are re-examining our portfolio entries and preparing them for submission to the Education Department as well as to our transfer university. The Autobiographical Essay is quite long, so I am sharing them with you, over the next week, in the following parts:


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