My Educational Background

Mrs. Ellison & I Spinning Elementary 1983 
Registration at Spinning Elementary School in Puyallup, Washington, was held in the Spring of 1982; at this time the choice was given to my parents as to when I would attend Kindergarten in the fall, morning, or afternoon. Morning was selected for it was the earliest available option; I was ready to start school. My dad told me that every morning after registration I asked, “Is today the day?” The first day finally arrived and I remember dashing out of my mother’s warm embrace that she tried to console me with. I do believe it was her that was in need of the comfort not I. 
The room was absolutely amazing, filled with colorful decorations, shelves of books, a reading loft in one corner, and an imagination play station in the other. I placed my backpack on the table with my name on it and before I had a chance to sit down, I noticed a girl crying. I immediately sat down next to her and provided some five years old words of inspirational wisdom and achieved in gaining a smile out of her by the time the school bell rang. At that time, I went to my seat and looked up to see the most unforgettable smile on Mrs. Ellison’s face as she greeted us before beginning her morning classroom routine. I never missed a day that year; I wanted to be there all day, every day! I actually received an award for my perfect attendance. I would have received the same achievement during most of my elementary years if it was not for developing appendicitis, splitting my chin open in music class, and being infected with chicken pox. Attending school was my all-time favorite childhood activity. I left Spinning Elementary the spring of 1989, when I graduated the sixth grade. 
 In the fall of 1989, I began Kalles Junior High School in Puyallup, Washington as a seventh grader. Not as eager as the little Kindergartner that I was years before; however, I was extremely excited to embark on this new and somewhat intimidating adventure. After a couple of weeks, being a “sevie” became less unnerving and I took all that junior high had to offer by joining various clubs and activities. During my ninth grade year, I used my elective courses to be a library and drama teacher assistant. Spring of 1992, I graduated from Junior High prepared for my last public school stepping stone. 
High School Graduation 1995
The fall of 1992, I took my first steps up the stairs of  Puyallup Senior High School. During these three years of education, I found myself and the purpose that I had in this world, through the amazing teachers and counselors that guided me towards the person I am today. Though I struggled through the academics, the Spring of 1995, I successfully became the first high school graduate of my immediate family and I took my last steps down the stairs of the high school finishing my public education career, prepared for my next journey into higher education. 
In the fall of 1995, I walked along the campus of Wenatchee Valley Community College in Wenatchee, Washington where I was enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Associates Degree Program. College was a new and difficult experience for me as I was on my own for the first time in my life. After struggling personally through two semesters, 200 miles away from close friends and family, I moved to Port Angeles, WA the spring of 1996, where I began a new adventure at Peninsula College. Here, I was enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program destined to gain my degree so that I could become an Early Childhood Education teacher. Life had other plans for me as I was whisked away from college by love and traveled the United States with my husband who was employed by the Army. It was not until the summer of 2014 that life settled down and I returned to school with sophomore status, at the College of Southern Idaho, in Twin Falls where I am currently enrolled in the Elementary Education Associates Degree Program. 

interviewMy school experiences in and outside of the classroom, have provided me with a strong foundation in the essential skills necessary in becoming an effective teacher. Through each individual moment, whether positive or negative, I have been able to come out of it successfully. Not because I am no longer having the issue; however, I lived through it and allowed it to strengthen me into the woman I have become. Through it all; I have a greater understanding of what education is, the power it has to change a life, and the value it holds in each and every person.

 In our EDUC 290 course, we are re-examining our portfolio entries and preparing them for submission to the Education Department as well as to our transfer university. The Autobiographical Essay is quite long, so I am sharing them with you, in the following parts:

Service and/or Extracurricular Activities


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