Autobiographical Essay Introduction

0132835630In the textbook, Introduction to Teaching, it provides a list of essential skills that all teachers should demonstrate in the classroom. These essential skills include beliefs and behaviors such as caring, high efficacy, positive expectations, and enthusiasm. Effective teachers are also well organized, they begin their lessons with reviews, attract and maintain attention, develop their lessons with questioning, provide their students with feedback, and help students apply what they have learned in new contexts (Kauchak, 2014, p. 436).
Over the years; through my childhood adventures, experiences at school, roles in the workplace, activities while volunteering, and through the ups and downs of motherhood; I have begun to attain these essential skills beneficial as a future educator. In our EDUC 290 course, we are re-examining our portfolio entries and preparing them for submission to the Education Department as well as to our transfer university. The Autobiographical Essay is quite long, so I am sharing them with you, in the following parts:


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