What I Wore: The Valentines Day Shirt

I bought this shirt at Walmart for $8.97 (If figured I should begin adding these items to my wardrobe for my future teaching career) and decided to wear it different ways throughout Valentine's Week!

Thursday was the Kindergarten classroom party. It was a success, the kids had a fabulous time. I have learned not to over book our parties with too many activities, so we had more time to enjoy the moment. We did have an issue with too many cookies sent from home (too many kinds of cookies but not enough for each child), is it better if a sign up sheet is sent home so you have enough of everything that you need?

vsclassroomFriday - I had English class at College of Southern Idaho

image (2)

Saturday - I had a wonderful time with my Coffee-mate at my church's Couple's Breakfast and enjoyed a dinner with my family that evening (I feel so loved) This is the first time I combined different patterns, my OCD kicked in and I almost changed; however, I was told I looked amazing so I stayed in it. What do you think? Did I do okay?



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