Blogs I Love a Latte, Blogs I will not read, and How I Would Like to Use Blogs in My Future Classroom

This week in my Educational Technology class I am assigned to create a blog and then create a post discussing blogs I enjoy, blogs I do not enjoy as well as how I would use blogging in my future classroom. I requested permission from my Professor to use my blog and she has granted me the ability to do so, Thank
Blogs I Love a Latte (yes, its coffee I use this to term the word –a lot – here at ABC, 123 & Coffee)
The Kindergarten Smorgasboard
I am smitten with smorgie! As a future Kindergarten teacher, I am a huge fan of Mr. Greg at his blog The Kindergarten Smorgasboard. From his weekly lesson plan ideas to his fun loving stories about his stashes (the kindergarteners) his blog is full of a plethora of information and inspiration. He also creates fabulous handouts to complete in your classroom that are free of charge and on sale at his store on Teachers Pay Teachers, a website where teachers share creations they have made with other teachers. Evaluating Blog Kindergarten Smorgasboard
Trisha Novotny and her amazing team (that I once upon a time ago was apart of as 24/7 Moms Inspiration Editor) at 24/7 Moms is another blog I’m lovin! As a mom, woman and Christian I can always find incredible words of wisdom to help lead me in the right direction no matter what it is that I need. Evaluating Blog 247 Moms
I love so many, many more blogs; however, I have only been asked to share two!
Blogs I will not read
I am going to be really careful as I post this as this is my opinion on the blogs that I speak of in general. There are not two specific blogs that I could pinpoint as ones that I would not read. I have chosen as a blogger to never place negative opinions on a blogger, writer, movie, product, etc on my blog due to the negative effects it may have on another author, artist, creator. I will however say that I will not read blogs that choose to be negative about other bloggers, writers, authors, products, and movies, etc. I will not read the blogs of those founders who choose to use profanity. I think it belittles the information they are passing. I dislike speaking to people who consistently use vulgar language and will not read it either. I will not read blogs that frequently publish poorly written content, grammar should be checked before submitting the post.
How I would like to use blogs in my future classroom
The possibilities with blogging in the classroom are endless. As a future Kindergarten teacher I would like to use my blog similarly as Mr. Greg does on the Kindergarten Smorgasboard. Share lesson plans, creations, inspiration with other teachers, yet in addition I want it to be a way to communicate to my parents and students. For example, sharing videos of how to do assignments sent home and ways the parents can help their children at home that will benefit them in the classroom. So I do not repeat myself on this topic, you can read more about my thoughts of blogging in the classroom my posts to blog is to teach yourself what you think and Blogs and Wikis in the Classroom

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