What I Wore: Reading Group Leader

With my field experience in the classroom complete, I could not stay away from the Kinders so I volunteered to work in the classroom on Tuesdays. During this time I will complete activities as needed by the classroom teacher as well as lead a reading group. This group is for those who are having difficulties with learning letter recognition and sounds (knowing less than 25).
Today, The group teacher directed me to a group of children and gave me a game to play and some flash cards to use. We had an incredible time. When it was over I asked if I could create a few of my own games and activities to use with the group and she said yes! I am so excited, I already have a few ideas.

Scarf: Gift from Mom Flower pins: Gift from Mom Sweater: Purchased at Desert Industries Thrift Store White Long/Sleeve Shirt: Purchased at Target Grey Pants: Purchased at Goodwill


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