If you are a college student, Spring is about to begin!

Classes start January 20th, looking forward to another semester in the Elementary Education Program at the College of Southern Idaho! I will be heading to the bookstore this week and purchasing the necessary textbooks for my classes (about $500 worth) But they are a valuable asset for my future and a good investment so I am not going to complain (well at least not out loud).
The last two semesters I have taken all of my courses online. This semester, as I am not responsible for hours in the classroom (though I am volunteering with the Kindergarten class every Tuesday) and half a cup is in school all afternoon, I decided to adventure inside the classroom for English Comp 2. (have not done this since the 90’s). The remainder of my classes will be taken online and completed at all hours of the day and night as it fits to my schedule.
Courses I am taking this semester are in the picture below:
Spring Semester 2015
If you pray – can you say one for me. Thanks!

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