Everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes

Our culture can be created in 140 characters or less. One tweet that travels across the World Wide Web within seconds can create a trend, causing mass media on a particular event or idea. Andy Warhol stated that, “In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes.” (Convergences, p586) and if you have the right trending hashtag on Twitter he is correct.

I personally had my fifteen minutes of fame last November /December. Late one evening I was searching trends on Twitter trying to gather my thoughts on what to write about on Examiner.com, I caught interest to the hashtag trending #PaulWalkerDied. I immediately googled it and found that saddening news of what occurred earlier this day and I decided to share a story I liked regarding Paul Walker and his daughter. Once the article was published I shared it in a tweet, included the trending hashtag and I went to bed. The next morning I could not believe what my eyes were seeing when I checked my google analytic statistics! Over 15,000 hits to my article occurred while I was sleeping! Since I am paid per hit of my articles I was ecstatic. This article was in the top ten articles for almost the entire month of December and I was one of the top ten writers on Examiner.com. Even after the trend on Twitter disappeared the hits continued to come. During this time not only did this article flourish but other articles did as well. I am just a stay-at- home mom in little ol’ Twin Falls, Idaho and overnight I became a “celebrity” due to the power of social media. My thoughts traveled across the World Wide Web and made people around the world smile.

Social media within our culture is extremely powerful. Thoughts, values, rumors, ideas and much more can be shared and people’s lives can be changed within just minutes.

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