Teaching with Boundaries

In the beginning it is easy to say I want to be a super teacher, however becoming a mother it was easy to say I wanted to be a super mom. I can imagine burn out being involved quite quickly in trying to pursue the level of super, not because it is unattainable but it would be something that could not be held up consistently over many years of teaching. Relationships would suffer and dwindle which would cause turmoil in one’s life that would lead to resentment to your teaching for both parties. I believe attaining the role of a excellent or good teacher is one that goes above and beyond the work in the classroom however has a defined line of what his or her expectations are and has set up one’s boundaries respecting the other roles in one’s life (wife, mother, sister, friend, community member, church member and a woman). Finding the balance as with in any career (or life role) is absolutely of much importance so one does not become drained or leave one empty. Boundaries are something that I work towards on a daily basis and in hopes that I model it well to my children and friends in the present and to my students in the future.

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