RRRRRRReading and Wrrrrrrrrrriting Argh!

When I first saw the heading of the our topic pirate school I figured it was a typo and it was going to be about private schools. I am so glad it was not, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video on the pirate school and what it has birthed among communities. 826 Valencia a free tutoring center in which he created to assist children in writing and reading. The tutors are writers, researchers and editors giving one to one attention to students without the stigma of a learning center or school because oddly enough it is also a pirate supply store and a publishing center for writers and editors. The students work side by side the adults able to model their behavior and get their homework done.
I absolutely love the idea that these adults are taking a moment of their time to help the children in their community. Like they say it takes a village to raise a child. Instead of being a part of the problem and highlighting all the faults the children have and tearing them down and sitting and complaining about what the schools, parents and teachers are not doing, they are taking the time to be apart of the solution.. Using their skills that they have to make a difference in someone’s life, no money just a time commitment to children and helping them reach their goals. Amazing, absolutely amazing! And it did not stop there, they are making their volunteers available in the classroom, in the schools and anywhere the children are at because they know that sometimes the parents cannot or will not assist their children.

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