Do you Believe in Magic?

Christopher Emdin does. Longtime teacher, education pioneer speaks on TED Talks and shares his ideas on how teachers can become great teachers and make the classroom become alive. Yes you need philosophies, theories, techniques and plans but without the magic, without the ability to teach the lesson in the way the students will be attentive to you and what you are teaching. If the children are not paying attention they are not learning, what is that we can do as teachers to gain their attention? Christopher Emdins says that we need to leave the teaching program classrooms and head out to the neighborhood, learn from those who can keep their audiences engaged he used a Black Preacher, Rap artist and a barber as an example because they have success in keeping their audiences attention. He recommends sitting in those places and taking notes to what they do so that you can incorporate them into your good teaching philosophies, theories and become a great teacher.
Emdin, C. (2013, October 1). Teach teachers how to create magic. Retrieved September 19, 2014, from

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