What I Wore: Classroom Field Experience Day 11

Learned a lesson in shoes, some shoes are comfortable for going out to dinner, going to class, and attending church. Some shoes are good for teaching, these shoes that I wore with this outfit are not one of those. They are great when you are not on your feet for long period of time. The last hour with the Kindergartners I wanted to cut my feet off! Never again will these enter the school! What are your favorite comfortable teaching shoes??? Please advise.
Today I wore my Denim Jacket fromTarget, Brown/ Teal blouse and brown pants purchased at the Idaho Youth Ranch, belt from Target and Shoes from Gig Harbor Goodwill
Today I wore my Denim Jacket from Target, Brown/ Teal blouse and brown pants purchased at the Idaho Youth Ranch, belt from Target & Shoes from Gig Harbor Goodwill

What I Wore: Classroom Field Experience Day 10

No children today :(  Went to the school in the late afternoon for my very first faculty meeting. I really missed the Kindergartners, looking forward to seeing them on Friday!

Today I wore a cream sweater that I was gifted from my mother-in-law that she purchased at Kohls, Denim shirt from Banana Republic, Belt from a dress purchased at Kohl's, Black & Cream Skirt borrowed from my mom who is visiting from Washington this month and my brown boots purchased at Deb.

Today, I wore a cream sweater that was gifted from my mother-in-law, Denim shirt from Banana Republic, Belt from a dress purchased at Kohl's, Black & Cream Skirt borrowed from my mom who is visiting from Washington this month & my brown boots purchased at Deb.

RRRRRRReading and Wrrrrrrrrrriting Argh!

When I first saw the heading of the our topic pirate school I figured it was a typo and it was going to be about private schools. I am so glad it was not, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video on the pirate school and what it has birthed among communities. 826 Valencia a free tutoring center in which he created to assist children in writing and reading. The tutors are writers, researchers and editors giving one to one attention to students without the stigma of a learning center or school because oddly enough it is also a pirate supply store and a publishing center for writers and editors. The students work side by side the adults able to model their behavior and get their homework done.
I absolutely love the idea that these adults are taking a moment of their time to help the children in their community. Like they say it takes a village to raise a child. Instead of being a part of the problem and highlighting all the faults the children have and tearing them down and sitting and complaining about what the schools, parents and teachers are not doing, they are taking the time to be apart of the solution.. Using their skills that they have to make a difference in someone’s life, no money just a time commitment to children and helping them reach their goals. Amazing, absolutely amazing! And it did not stop there, they are making their volunteers available in the classroom, in the schools and anywhere the children are at because they know that sometimes the parents cannot or will not assist their children.

What I Wore: Classroom Field Experience Day 9

Grey Sweater from Desert Industries, Cream World Vision Scarf, Black Shirt from Desert Industries, Black & White Striped Mossimo Skirt (gift from Mom) Grey Tights from Target
Grey Sweater from Desert Industries, Cream World Vision Scarf, Black Shirt from Desert Industries,
Black & White Striped Mossimo Skirt (gift from Mom) & Grey Tights from Target


What I Wore: Classroom Field Experience Day 8

White Scarf with Crosses from Walmart, Grey Dress from Shabby Apple, Black Leggings from Target, Black Sweater from Desert industries and Black Shoes from Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store
White Scarf with Crosses from Walmart, Grey Dress from Shabby Apple, Black Leggings from Target,
Black Sweater from Desert industries & Black Shoes from Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store


I Get to Go to School Tomorrow

The Ron Clark Academy is a highly acclaimed, nonprofit middle school in Atlanta that promotes innovation and engages its students through energetic teaching balanced by a strict code of discipline. Our goal is to extend our reach beyond our student body by having an impact upon students everywhere. Each year, thousands of educators from around the world participate in our Educator Training Programs to learn how to replicate the school’s style, philosophy and success in their own schools  (“Welcome to The Ron Clark Academy”, 2013).  They pull their whole heart into their whole lesson, says Ron Clark Academy student. If all the teachers in the world could have just an ounce of their energy, excitement and passion that is shown in the Welcome to Ron Clark Academy You Tube video, we could change the world. Dancing, singing, movement, action, engagement, learning. It does not appear to be easy, but it sure does look worth it for both the student and the teacher. I want to create an environment that causes a child to be excited to get to go to school.
  1. Getting the students attention and keeping them engaged so that they are able to learn the material can be fun and can be done without boredom for the student and the teacher. As a future educator I believe creativity to be key (especially in today’s society, keeping up with the media and technology) in teaching in the classroom. I do not want to stand in front of a class, hour upon hours reciting and reading information to the students. I want discussion, laughter, excitement, and fun! No it can not be all fun in games, but it never should be dull, boring and not worthy of my time or my students time.
  1. Thinking outside the box asks us to look past the core standards, look past the curriculum and look at our students. What is it that I need to do to get these students ready for the end of the year? What is it that I need to do to prepare them for the next step?
  1. Creative teaching can lead to higher test scores because it allows us to stop preparing the students for the tests and allows us to teach them the information. It allows the student to stop preparing for the test and allows them to learn.
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Teaching with Boundaries

In the beginning it is easy to say I want to be a super teacher, however becoming a mother it was easy to say I wanted to be a super mom. I can imagine burn out being involved quite quickly in trying to pursue the level of super, not because it is unattainable but it would be something that could not be held up consistently over many years of teaching. Relationships would suffer and dwindle which would cause turmoil in one’s life that would lead to resentment to your teaching for both parties. I believe attaining the role of a excellent or good teacher is one that goes above and beyond the work in the classroom however has a defined line of what his or her expectations are and has set up one’s boundaries respecting the other roles in one’s life (wife, mother, sister, friend, community member, church member and a woman). Finding the balance as with in any career (or life role) is absolutely of much importance so one does not become drained or leave one empty. Boundaries are something that I work towards on a daily basis and in hopes that I model it well to my children and friends in the present and to my students in the future.

Do you think students are too plugged in?

According to the forum discussion entitled Does Technology Inhibit Deeper Learning?, there was an article published in the New York Times that states that some parents believe that, “computers inhibit creative thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans.” I believe as in all things there needs to be a balance between being plugged in and being unplugged; as the world continues to be plugged in we need to prepare our students for the use of technology in their world. I believe that creativity, human interaction and the development of attention spans can be done on an off line. I believe the students need to be taught and demonstrated a healthy balance so that there is time for movement and offline activities. As long as the technology that is used is to educate a child and not be busy work or filler time then I believe it to be beneficial to our techie society.
An incredible way to do so is create an online homework assignment as suggested by Salman Khan in which a lecture or a new subject is taught through a video that a child completes at home so that the actual assignments can then be completed with the teacher present so that he or she can help the students as needed. I can see many pros and cons toward this idea. Specifically if the child does not complete the homework assignment where does that lead that child during the discussion and completion of the assignment in class? I also question the availability of the internet and technology in the student’s home, not all homes are connected to the World Wide Web and not all parents are eager to allow their children to make use of it. How does this flip lesson work then? In opinion this works on paper and in the lesson plan however there is too much going against this format. I have the same concerns for “flipping a lesson” with Ted-ED.
Education in the Dark Ages was an incredible video showing ways how teachers can make technology useful inside and outside the classroom and help empower the students with learning. I believe that over time this will allow schools to save money with the purchase of ipad and the ibooks available. At cost of 14.99 or less instead of 60.00 or more is an incredible deal. When updates are available they are downloaded at little or no cost instead of a entire new book. This making it possible for students in upper class to lower class communities to have access to the same material.
As a blogger and somewhat of a techie myself I am excited to see things like Itunes U. Even for a Kindergarten classroom you can make everything available. Kids can re-watch the days lesson with their parents allowing them to know how to complete the assignments they brought home. Children who are sick can have the ability to see what is going on in the classroom while they are away. ESL Parents can learn the material too with their children! The possibilities are endless.
With all of this technology available I believe the tips shared in the article, Ways to help kids unplug from technology are beneficial for both parents and children. However as our books become available on our ipads, make sure we are giving them time to have fun on them as well setting allotted time frames for homework as well as games… but we all need to unplug and get outside and play too!

Do you Believe in Magic?

Christopher Emdin does. Longtime teacher, education pioneer speaks on TED Talks and shares his ideas on how teachers can become great teachers and make the classroom become alive. Yes you need philosophies, theories, techniques and plans but without the magic, without the ability to teach the lesson in the way the students will be attentive to you and what you are teaching. If the children are not paying attention they are not learning, what is that we can do as teachers to gain their attention? Christopher Emdins says that we need to leave the teaching program classrooms and head out to the neighborhood, learn from those who can keep their audiences engaged he used a Black Preacher, Rap artist and a barber as an example because they have success in keeping their audiences attention. He recommends sitting in those places and taking notes to what they do so that you can incorporate them into your good teaching philosophies, theories and become a great teacher.
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