How Sustainability Impacts Families and Individuals

This last year I learned hands on what sustainability is all about. My daughter and I moved to Twin Falls last October with my mother-in-law, months later my husband joined us. We moved to Twin Falls for a fresh new start, something that my husband and I never really had. Our family was mostly pre-made (blended family) when we began and things were difficult for us financially from the very beginning and it just continued to get worse through many things out of our control. My husband began working two jobs and he was tearing up his body with constant manual labor. This stay with my mother-in-law was suppose to be for just a few months, yet here it is 11 long months later.

It was not easy, in fact at times I wanted to give up. I wanted to crawl back to my comfort zone of Puyallup, Washington where I lived a majority of my life, where I know people. I wanted to run back to my mommy when times got hard. There were times it just felt as though this would never end. When will we be able to be on our feet and start anew? When will the bills stop coming in? When will we be able to stand up straight again?

It was emotionally tormenting but it was worth it. When you have the ability to survive, when you posses the power to persevere and you live the experience out to it’s fullest to continue the process, and you have the capacity to endure. When you keep on keepin on… you will find the light at the end of your tunnel and find a stronger, empowered person on the other side.

I am smiling as I write this because this Summer I just began pursuing my dream to become a teacher, my husband began college this semester to become a paramedic (no more manual labor jobs for him) and tomorrow we move into our new place.

We didn’t quit, we took every step it took (together) and as a family we are ready for our fresh start. I once thought that because we struggled so much we were unsuccessful but now I know that we are successful because we gave it our all and did not quit.

I believe that is how sustainability impacts families as well as individuals.

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