My Summer Daily Schedule

Yes, I am still alive. I have been extremely busy with summer semester and with my family on summer vacation. After a few weeks into my college career I have finally devised a schedule that works best for all of us.
  • 7am Wake Up, Coffee & Devotional
  • 7:30 Social Networking & Blog Reading
  • 8am Shower & Prepare for Day
  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9am Head out to the College of Southern Idaho Library
    (kids with Daddy)
  • 9:15 Work on Math 025
  • 10am Study Break
  • 10:15 Work on English 101
  • 11am Study Break
  • 11:15 Continue working on what needs to be done
  • 12:30 Head out to the park for lunch with husband & the kids
    (Daddy heads off to work)
  • 1:30 YMCA Swimming Pool or other Fun Activity with the Kids
  • 3:30 Home for Chores
  • 5pm Dinner
  • 6pm Family Time
  • 8pm Read
  • 9pm Smores & Relax
  • 10pm Sleep
There will be a change this week as I am beginning my Psychology class on the 30th of June. I will read, study and write after dinner. I think the children will be watching more movies the next couple of weeks so I can get my reading done.