Reflecting on my Reflective Practice

     I have a confession, it has been two weeks since my last reflection. Well at least a formal, well thought out one that encourages growth and motivates changes in my teachings. Things have gotten a little busier in my student teaching experience: I have taken over more subjects, I have completed two informal observations, I have attended weekly seminars, and have had more meaningful artifacts to create for my required teacher portfolio (ugh!).
     But, the busier I get the more I need to make time for this very important practice. I am experiencing difficulties with the template in which I originally created. It worked well for individual lessons when I taught only once a day; however, there are differences between a reflection in math than there is in reading and again differences between reading and math intervention time. So, I have a new reflection to try. (like most good ideas, this one came to me while in the shower)
    In order to make best use of my time, I will begin my mornings with the planning overview for the day. This will create the foundation of what I will need for the reflection portion later on. My mentor teacher and I use a Google Slide for each week to collaborate on the lessons for the week on a Grid. I think that if I am able to fill in my daily lesson planner with this information it will be a great start. Then, I will be able to answer questions based on the actual occurrences of the day.
     The questions include: what changes were made and why, + what worked, - what could be improved, and any additional notes that I wish to write.

What does your daily reflection look like? Please share in the comments below.

Until next time ...

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