Time Capsule Tuesday: Miracle on 58th Street

The following is a memory from 2009 (when we lived on 58th St Gig Harbor, WA):

I was scheduled for a routine C-section since my previous children were delivered by C-section. The hospital visit was particularly normal and I was released two days after my daughter was born.

It was not until my daughter was a week old that I noticed any complications. No OTC medication improved the situation. After being miserable for a week and my temperature rising to 103 degrees my husband notified me that he was taking me to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital and I was quickly taken in for a multitude of tests. I was admitted into the hospital with Clostridium Difficile and Colitis. After a few days and no sign of improvement, I was moved to the intensive care unit so I could have a blood and plasma transfusion. I improved so on the tenth day I was sent home with antibiotics, medications and a follow-up appointment with a specialist.

I finished all of my antibiotics and began returning to normal. Until one night I began to feel pain in my lower abdomen. The pain grew intense; I went to the doctor where they took several tests. The doctor called me the following morning and told me I needed another regimen of antibiotics. I told her I was in a lot of pain. When asked on the scale of 1 -10 how bad was my pain, I answered 12. I insisted that I did not return to the hospital, the time I had there was miserable and fell into a deep depression. I was on precautions so I could not hold my daughter or my husband’s hand. So, they made me an emergency appointment with the GI specialist for that day. My husband drove me there and when we arrived in the parking lot I asked for a wheelchair. He returned with no wheelchair for they did not have one. I could not move on my own I was in so much pain. I let him know that I needed to go back to the hospital.

Once again, I was admitted with Clostridium Difficile and Colitis. During the first 24 hours, my condition turned for the worse, I was moved to the intensive care unit with severely low blood pressure. The doctors were puzzled and were not sure what to do. The specialists stated that I needed surgery and part of my colon would need to be removed. The surgeon agreed but wanted to wait for a little for he was concerned that I would make it during the surgery. During this time my husband was told that without surgery and/or without improvement I would not survive. He immediately began to pray; he called and asked a member of the church to come to pray over me as well. The next morning the surgeon informed us that surgery is not needed at this time. With much surprised to those taking care of me, my blood pressure raised to a normal level, my white blood cell count and infection level decreased over the next few days. Praise God, I was being healed day by day.

The day I was released from the hospital many doctors, nurse, and staff visited me. They wanted to see this girl who they thought would not survive. The doctors could not explain however, I knew that I was blessed with a miracle!

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