Student Teaching Reflection Week 2: January 14th - 18th

Week 2 is in the books! This was a short week, as I had to travel out of town Wednesday and Thursday to take my Middle School Praxis Examinations. Yet, with only 2.5 days in the classroom I found that I accomplished a lot!

Monday - 
      Today, I began taking attendance, completing morning announcements, and leading them through the pledge of allegiance. As I sat at the teachers desk entering lunches and absences in power school as our students began their morning meeting, I experienced a moment of nerdiness, squealing on the inside LOOK AT ME BEING ALL TEACHERY! 
      Since my reading group during intervention will not begin until next week week 4, I observed my CT in her group as she worked with the students on building vocabulary and strategies to use to assist them in understanding a word when it is unfamiliar to them. 
During Language Arts, the students began a lesson on Making Inferences, you can read about this lesson here
     I led the students through number corner and had them make observations of patterns in the calendar days, make a prediction based on what they have seen so far, and then create an equation that represented what was on the days card. Then I observed my mentor teacher lead them in a activity 
     After-school, I attended my first staff meeting. The principal discussed a few district wide future happenings and then the school nurse led us through a training in Medical Care Plans. I found this to very informative and a great way to open up a discussion between my mentor teacher and I about emergency procedures. After the meeting, we went back into our classroom and she showed we where to find the emergency folder, the students' medical care plans, and our first aid. She laid out the plan for fire drills; however, she was not aware of the procedure for a lock-down at this school. Since, she has only been at this elementary for this school year, she has not participated in one.

What I Wore Day 6
Things To Do:
  • Differentiation Accommodation Form
  • Reflection on Faculty Meeting
  • What are the schools lock-down procedure?
  • Can I attend the Leader in Me Family Night (during Seminar next week)?
  • What time should schedule my observation with University Supervisor?
Tuesday -
     Half day for me, as I will headed to Boise for my testing. One of the students made me a card and they all wished me luck before I headed out of the classroom. In the morning, I completed the same as yesterday and observed/participated in the Language Arts lesson. Since there is not much to reflect on at school, I thought I would share a little bit about home. 

     A major focus on my time during my pre-internship was to find balance between home and school, in preparation for student teaching and my career as a teacher. One way that assists me is waking up early to ease myself into my day. This begins with my cup of coffee and reading from a devotional or bible. My spiritual health is being nurtured here which gives me clear focus and a solid foundation in starting my day right.

Another thing that starts my day right is a morning breakfast smoothie! Ever since my Behavior Change Project, breakfast almost has been an everyday habit. Now that I am consistently running out the door at the same time each morning, I have been drinking my breakfast on the way to school. My smoothie base is typically Slim Fast Vanilla Creme Protein Mix. I combine this with frozen fruit, coconut milk, and ice. I am amazed at how well they taste and how it keeps me fueled until lunch. I do however try to have a small snack during first recess. 

Pictured here is my inspirational wall above my desk. This special spot is where I am able to focus on my school work and my writing. My work area has been a work in progress for awhile, I am absolutely loving how it is turning out!

What I Wore Day 7
Friday -
The students were welcoming with open arms and ready to have me back in the classroom today!
While I was gone, the students wrote about inferences about a story they read. My mentor teacher saw many students forgot to use specific evidence from the story on their paper. So today, we looked at another picture and discussed the evidence they observed which assisted them toward their inference. Then the students discussed where they went wrong on their individual writings. I found this to be a great learning experience for the students and allowed them to see their mistakes so they can do better next time! As they say, FAIL - first attempt in learning. Making mistakes is a necessary component in learning a new concept. 
Feet Up Friday #2
Until next time ...

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