Picture Day Perfection by Deborah Diesen

Ugh! Picture day. As a parent of a strong-willed child, picture days were stressful. Mostly because I wanted a good picture of my son. My pride and joy. Although, he often had a different idea of a good picture. I remember one year, writing on the photo card, please remind him to smile like your mom showed you this morning. And he did! Unfortunately, he "styled" his hair in the bathroom before pictures at school and took off his button shirt that I selected for him to wear, leaving his favorite pajama shirt underneath with a stain on his shirt and most of the collar worn out due to over-washing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the reading of Deborah Diesen's Picture Day Perfection, in which she provides a student's perspective of this yearly event. The story begins with an explanation that this boy has been planning the perfect school picture for months and then includes that some days not everything goes according to plan: bedhead, unclean shirt, syrup mishap, trouble on the bus, miscommunication on the photo form, and more. You start to feel sorry for this boy. When it comes time for the picture to be taken, he comes up with a new plan for the perfect school picture. 

After reading the story of this boy, I was curious of my son's perspective of his picture day. Was he doing these things on purpose to despise me or was this his perception of perfect? 

I read this book as a part of my #BookaDay Reading Challenge, inspired by Donalyn Miller. My goal is to read at least one children's literature book every weekday and share my thoughts here on my blog. Please feel free to subscribe or connect with me on social media to follow my journey through the books I read. Until next time ...

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