Louie! by Will Hillenbrand

I love being surprised when I read a book! I picked this book from the New Non-Fiction Picture Book section from our local library and thought it looked cute. I had no idea that this story, Louie! by Will Hillenbrand was loosely based on the life of Ludwig Bemelman (author and illustrator of Madeline).

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Poor Louie, he is bored at school and not interested in doing what all the other children are doing, he would rather be doodling. At his local school, his teacher was not appreciative him not competing his classwork so he was sent to another school. The second school, although it promised to pass "even the dullest of pigs" sent him away for drawing pictures in the margins. With nowhere else to send Louie, his mom sent him to live and work at his aunt and uncle's hotel. There, he vacuumed floors, scrubbed dishes, dusted furniture, and drew pictures on the windows (before he washed them). 

For his birthday his aunt and uncle gifted him with a sketchbook. While working in the hotel, Louie spotted a couple sitting for dinner who he thought would be fun to draw. Not having his drawing journal with him, he used a menu instead. A waiter, took the menu from Louie (who was hiding behind a plant) and gave it to the couple. Louie assumed he was in trouble and began packing to be sent elsewhere. But to his surprise, the couple was well pleased with his drawings. This brought Louie down the path that led him toward meeting his wife and then illustrating and writing the book, Madeline in 1939. 

I read this book as a part of my #BookaDay Reading Challenge, inspired by Donalyn Miller. My goal is to read at least one children's literature book everyday and share my thoughts here on my blog. Please feel free to subscribe or connect with me on social media to follow my journey through the books I read. Until next time ...

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