ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible By Tommy Nelson

In our home, sparkles are awesome and the more something shines bright the better! When we are out and about if something sparkles, it grabs our attention and we say, "Sparkle!" This would be similar to the idea of saying "Squirrel!" when you are distracted mid-sentence in a conversation. 

So when given the opportunity to review, ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible: International Children’s Bible (ICB) I did not need to think twice and after receiving it, I was so very glad that I did! Not only does the cover present a glittery presence on the outside cover, the inside pages brightly shines God's word just for young readers. Anyone who has read the bible in church for spiritual growth and understanding or at school for its highly competent literature knows that the language used in a standard King James Version (KJV) can be difficult to decode. The ICB version takes this barrier away with the use of a lower level vocabulary (3rd grade reading level) as well as a simpler font making it easier for independent reading. This makes it possible for them to focus on the stories rather than the difficult text. 

Take Hebrews 11:1 for example,

Faith means being sure of the things we hope for. And faith means knowing that something is real even if we do not see it.

It’s easy to understand yet not a bit of its meaning is lost through the simple words! The ICB® doesn’t water down the truth of God’s Word by simplifying it for kids. The best available Hebrew and Greek texts were used to assure a faithful translation of the original languages. The ICB is a dynamic equivalent (thought-for-thought) translation of the Bible.
In addition, the bible includes a dictionary and concordance to assist readers with words or concepts they do not understand. Not only will they be reading God's word and growing as Christians, they will be learning and becoming better readers!

The publisher says, "Every little girl is a princess in God’s eyes, and this glittery Bible packed with great features is truly fit for royalty!"

I found the following description of ICB, provided by Faith Gateway, to be valuable information:

4 reasons the ICB® translation is a game-changer for kids and God’s Word
  1. The name itself tells my children this Bible is for THEM, written specifically with their journey of faith in mind.
  2. The ICB® has more than 300 Key Bible Verses highlighted in the text so that children (and their parents) can read and learn some of the most important and foundational truths of God’s Word.
  3. Comprehension of the ICB® requires a  third-grade reading level making it the perfect full-text Bible for elementary age kids to read.
  4. Word for word, the ICB® is simple to understand and apply to our lives.

I would like to thank: BookLook Bloggers and Tommy Nelson for the complimentary copy of ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible in return for my honest review. 
I reviewed this book as a part of my #BookaDay Reading Challenge, inspired by Donalyn Miller. My goal is to read at least one children's literature book every weekday and share my thoughts here on my blog. Please feel free to subscribe or connect with me on social media to follow my journey through the books I read. Until next time ...

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