Peppe the Lamplighter by Elisa Bartone

Caldecott Honor Book, Peppe the Lamplighter by Elisa Bartone is a beautiful glimpse at America's history and immigration. Illustrator, Ted Lewin dedicates this book to the American Dream and his artwork sheds light on an Italian boy who did whatever it took to experience such life that was promised to him. Although his position did not appear to be much to others it meant everything to Peppe; Bartone writes, "one by one he lit them all... he imagined them to be a small flame of promise for the future."

I really like this realistic fiction picture book and the message it has toward, perspectives. It is our view really of what makes something valuable or not. Is a job respected only out of what others think? or does one's role in society matter through the eyes of the beholder and what lies within? Such ideas and thoughts could be discussed by asking them to our students first, in a journal writing activity and then second, asking those to share their personal beliefs on what are important positions today. 

This story could easily be integrated into a Social Studies unit of tracing the role of migration and immigration of people in the development of the United States. Encourage students to think about the role of children and those of smaller jobs that had a part in what America is today, because of them. 

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