My Great-Aunt Arizona by Gloria Houston

A sweet little picture book entitled, My Great-Aunt Arizona by Gloria Houston is a story of a teacher named Arizona who loved to read and share the stories with her students. Although she was born, raised, lived, and died in the Blue Ridge Mountains; her mind brought her on many adventures! As she told the stories to her students, they would ask have you been there?  and for fifty-seven years she replied, "only in my mind, but someday you will go."

I just love this story of an influential teacher who inspired her students to go on many adventures and as the author concludes, "she never did go to the faraway places she taught us about, but ... she travels with me and with those of us whose lives she touched ... she goes with us in our minds". It reminds me of those special teachers in my own life that read stories and shared adventures from the books they read to me; as well as the ones that life has brought them to. In 317 days (according to my countdown ), I will graduate from ISU College of Education and qualify to be a teacher! I am looking forward to sharing books and stories with my own students, in hopes to inspire them on their own adventures on foot or in their minds.

Author Gloria Houston (a teacher, herself), dedicates his book 
"for all teachers, members of the most influential profession in the world." 
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