ICLA Standard III: Study Session 8

In preparation of the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment (ICLA) Standard III, I am creating a series of blog posts from my study notes and the study guide. The subjects are organized in alphabetical order and I will be completing five subjects at a time. I am in hopes that by sharing, I can provide assistance to others studying for the ICLA or similar literacy tests for pre-service teachers.

Today's Subjects

Portfolio-based assessment
collection of students work used to evaluate the learning process. Serves as a compilation of student work meant to show growth over time.

Example Question:
Throughout the school year, Ms. Miles fifth grade students’ collect samples of their reading and writing. They store these artifacts in containers which they have decorated. During the school year Ms. Miles conferences with each of her students using these materials as a basis for identifying her students’ strengths and needs. Through this process Ms. Miles’s students
become self-assessors and she is able to document her students’ growth over

Progress monitoring
systematically and frequently assessing students' improvement directly on the skills being taught

Reading fluency
reading accurately, at a natural pace, and mimics speech in its phrasing and expressiveness

R - rate A - accuracy P - prosody

Consistency in measurements and tests; specifically the extent to which two applications of the same measuring procedure rank persons in the same way.

Example Question: 
Consistency in measurements and tests; specifically, the extent to which two applications of the same measuring procedure rank persons in the same way 

a measure of comprehension; the process in which the reader, having orally read the story, describes what happened in it.

In addition, I have created a Quizlet set of the vocabulary words found here. On Quizlet, I am very fond of playing the matching game where you can drag corresponding items (term to definition) onto each other to make them disappear. I also like to create a test on Quizlet with multiple choice, true or false, and matching to assess my knowledge of all the vocabulary words.

Good Luck!

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