ICLA Standard III: Study Session 5

In preparation of the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment (ICLA) Standard III, I am creating a series of blog posts from my study notes and the study guide. The subjects are organized in alphabetical order and I will be completing five subjects at a time. I am in hopes that by sharing, I can provide assistance to others studying for the ICLA or similar literacy tests for pre-service teachers.

Today's Subjects

Fluency development 
reading becomes more smooth with less hesitation and more comprehension

Grade equivalent 
a type of derived score based on the grade at which an average person from a test-standardized population earns a given score. Many grade-equivalent scores are merely statistical projections that permit a student to be compared with students of other ages. 
For example: The grade equivalent represents the grade level and month of the typical (median) score for students. For example, a 5th-grade student who earns a 5.9 on a norm-referenced test has earned a score similar to the 50th percentile students in the test's norming group who were in their ninth month of fifth grade (Lexile).

Idaho Reading Indicator 
(IRI) 3 = Benchmark (at) 2 = Strategic (near) 1 = Intensive (below) 

Intended to be used both to help establish local curricular standards and materials as well as to provide direction for further assessment of individual children in grades K-3. 
It is not intended to be a complete diagnostic reading test; rather, the IRI should be used to determine which children in a classroom might have additional needs in the area of reading. It is administered three times each school year and takes approximately ten minutes. The IRI assesses the skills that each child should have mastered at the time of testing and measures whether the child's skills are on grade level. 
The kindergarten assessment shall include reading readiness and phonological awareness. Grades one, two, and three shall test for fluency of the student's reading.

Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) 
students in grades 3-8 and once in high school take the assessment to determine whether they have achieved the standards for their grade level and subject area. There are tests for English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics. In grades 5 and 7, students also take the ISAT science assessment.

It consists of two parts: a computer-adaptive test and performance tasks that are given on the computer.

Independent reading level
easy text for a student to read with few word-identification problems and 
high comprehension. Although suggested criteria vary, better than
99 percent word-identification accuracy and better than 90 percent 
comprehension are often used as standards in judging whether a student is 
reading at this level. Determined by an Informal Reading Indicator (IRI) test.

The chart below describes each reading level:

easy text for a student to read with few word-identification problems and 
high comprehension. Although suggested criteria vary, better than
99 percent word-identification accuracy and better than 90 percent 
comprehension are often used as standards in judging whether a student is 
reading at this level. 
challenging text, but not frustrating for the student of read successfully 
with normal classroom instruction and support. Although suggested criteria 
vary, better than 95 percent word-identification accuracy and better than 
75 percent comprehension are often used as standards in judging 
whether a student is reading at this level. 
Difficult text, less than 90 percent accuracy in word identification and less 
than 50 percent comprehension are often used standards in judging whether 
a student is reading at this level.
In addition, I have created a Quizlet set of the vocabulary words found here. On Quizlet, I am very fond of playing the matching game where you can drag corresponding items (term to definition) onto each other to make them disappear. I also like to create a test on Quizlet with multiple choice, true or false, and matching to assess my knowledge of all the vocabulary words.

Good Luck!

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