Pre-Internship Placement: Big Moments

Through the collection of experiences in EDUC 3309: Instructional Planning, Delivery, and Assessment, I acquired a new learning habit of reflection. The following quote found in the article entitled, Designing Reflective Assessment for Workplace Learning explicates why I believe this skill is imperative to my teaching practice:
The capacity to reflect on one's own strength and weaknesses, to learn from constructive criticism, and to practice critical reflection by monitoring one's own work performance and interpersonal interactions is essential to the ability to learn from experience and is the cornerstone of the journey to becoming a lifelong learner (McNamara & Field).
This semester, I had the pleasure of completing my Bachelor’s Degree Pre-Internship in a second grade class at a local elementary school. I had the opportunity to observe, assist, and teach alongside my cooperating teacher (CT).
        The time in the classroom provided me with many learning experiences. Here is a short video that captures some big moments throughout the semester....

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